Atalayas Port, S.L. are specialized in the transport of containers by road, both at the regional, national and European level.

Based in the ports of Alicante, Algeciras, Cádiz, Cartagena and Valencia, they all provide services to forwarders for the export and import of general cargo of 20, 30, 40 and 45 feet containers as well as dangerous goods. They also have their own generators for refrigerated transport, in addition to transporting other elements of different physical characteristics such as coils, wood, beams, etc., as well as bulk special transports at national and European level.

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Goods Transports at Led Temperature

We dispose of own generators and all tractors for electric energy and onto fridge conextions during their road transport for both national and international with a maximum of 42 Tons.

Heavy Transportation

We transport both special gondola towing and extensible ones for bulky loads and/or great tonnage.

National / International Goods Transportation

Atalayas Port currently and mainly on container loads all over the Iberian Penninsula and at the same time continuing by means of carrying general cargos, such as: Beems, Coils, Woode, Bulk Goods.

Our transports are developed both nationally and internationally by having our Authorization of the Ministry of Transport and our Community Permit.

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